how to lose weight without exercise and dieting

how to lose weight without exercise and dieting

Hello Everybody wants to look slim and trim, everybody   wants to lose weight. And when it comes to losing weight. 

first thing what it comes in mind is  fasting and dieting - 

Fasting and dieting can affect your body in various ways.   Your nutrients will get disturbed, your internal organs are going to get affected   and you are going to lose your health. 

Why do you want to lose weight at the cost of your health?   There is no need of such fasting and dieting to lose weight. Here are few   Managements I’ll give you, if you follow these systematically, you will very effectively   lose weight and that to very healthily.Number one: eat just four times in a day.   Don't open your mouth in between. We are eating food only to satiate our hunger and not to   fill our belly. So each every time only that much which can satiate your hunger.   We usually tend to eat more. Understand that person must have breakfast. The studies show   that those who eat breakfast, they have lower BMI than those people who skip the breakfast,   they have higher BMI.

So try and see that you eat only that much in breakfast so that   you get hungry at lunchtime. This is how you should manage the quantity part of your food.   Dinner has to be early as far as possible, by seven o'clock person should be finishing dinner,   late night dinner again causes lots of problems. You can eat some lighter things like soup and   khichdi and such simple foods if you eat this would help you control your Body Mass Index. 

Second point: just sleep well -

Good sleep is a must because when you sleep all the hormones   which are secreted in our body really help in a very good metabolism. Lack of sleep   can disturb your appetite regulating hormone ghrelin and leptin and that affects your health.   

Having this hormone fluctuation can increase your hunger and craving and we might end up eating all   the junk food, ready made available food increasing our calorie intake.  

Third point for reducing weight would be: take more steps -  

Walking every day   is a must. Walk at least 10,000 steps per day, it is approximately seven to eight kilometres.   Get yourself a pedometer. Having a pedometer serves as a constant motivator and reminder   Throughout the day do whatever you can to be more active. So in the house little activities,   like take two minutes break to walk or walk when you are talking to people when somebody is talking   you listen and walk. Before every meal you should remember and walk for 15-20 minutes at least   and after every meal, you should still walk but very slowly stroll, but keep active don't sleep   after food, first you should walk and then only you should sit and work or rest. 

Fourth Point: burn your calories - 

Exercise is an important activity to bring your body weight to   normal. Here are few exercise which you should do regularly to keep your body weight under control.   Number one: Talasana. Talasana is an upward stretch. Its an exercise for the whole body. So   here you are standing with one foot away apart, then both arms on the side, standing straight   and then while breathing in try to raise your whole body raise on your toe simultaneously,   breathing fully simultaneously and take your both hands totally straight upwards.   Stay stretched in that position for six seconds. And then while breathing out rotate your arm   take a rotation from behind and slowly breathe out along with your legs movement and breathing   movement together, a synchronization of body movement and breathing movement to come back to   your normal position. This is a beautiful asana to give exercise to the whole body. When person   puts on weight because of the gravitational force the body is compressed, vertebras come closer.   Now when you do Talasana, you are stretching your body upwards and it really helps the entire body   to be free from compression tension and give a very good exercise. Second asana is Suryanamaskar.   Suryanamaskar is asana where entire body is exercised, right from head to toe. Central   trunk is exercised where the fat belly goes in, waistline is trimmed down and it's an excellent   asana which person should perform. Here person is standing straight slowly inhaling bending back   then bending forward. Then person is coming on hands. 

The weight is on your   palm. So all your fingers, wrist, everything is exercised. Then you are taking your legs back   and then you are taking the weight of your body to go down.   Here you are really strengthening your arms and releasing the stress over there. Then you are   trying to lift your head back by increasing good amount of energy to your system. Coming back, your   legs are flexed at the entire part, body lifting upwards. All this together makes it a beautiful   asanas to exercise every part of your body. Suryanamaskar really helps to burn your calorie.   Do this and if you can do it comfortably do this five times that itself would be sufficient.   This is a posture, if you can't do it well because of overweight you can do it part by part just   bending back or just sitting down and getting up or just bhujangasana. First practice these asanas   and then combine it to be done as a Suryanamaskar. Third asana is Vakrasana. This asana could be done   in three different position: standing Vakrasana, sitting Vakrasana and lying down Vakrasana. In   standing Vakrasana, keep your feet away two and a half feet away from each other and then bring   your arms up and then try and twist, go look backwards. Look there twist your whole body   above your knee and come back to normal position. Do it on the other side. simple posture   at any age this could be done. So these asana all these three position gives immense exercise,   helps in reducing calorie, helps in strengthening your muscles and removing fat from your system.  

Fifth point: tricking your mind -  

These are certain management, which would help you indirectly to see   that you never over eat. Number one: use smaller plate while eating food. Number two: after dinner   brush your teeth immediately. Otherwise, you will end up chewing something here and there. To avoid   a full meal, you should eat something in between like makhana, like roasted peanuts,   like roasted grains. They are healthy food and when you would sit to eat your food,   you will not be that much hungry to eat a big meal. Add protein and fiber in every meal.   Such food will make you feel full for a longer period and this can prevent you from overeating.   Make sure 50% of your food in a day is fruits and vegetables. 

Sixth point: foods to avoid - 

there are certain foods, even if you are taking it at   a small quantity is going to increase your weight drastically. These are those notorious tasty foods   always available open the packet and eat open the bottle and drink. All these things like   chips, pizzas, burgers all these aerated drinks which has lots of sugar   inside and all those fried stuffs which are very tasty to eat should be always avoided.   More importantly, alcohol and smoking, no way.

Seventh point: morning drinks -    

Certain drinks really help. Number one: jeera water. Take a tablespoon full of   jeera water and soak that overnight in a glass full of water. In the morning,   the first thing you should take is this jeera water. This jeera water, cumin seeds   can really help in increasing your metabolism in your body. And so it helps in reduction   of your weight. Jeera water also reduces your hunger and increases the fat burning process.   Second drink, I would recommend is lemon and chia seeds. Both lemon water and chia seeds are   beneficial for weight loss. Take a glass of warm water put a tablespoon full of chia seeds inside   and let it be for half an hour and then squeeze a lemon inside put little honey   inside make a nice liquid and drink it, beautiful to have it in morning as soon as you get up.   Body weight has to be reduced very slowly slowly and systematically. Follow all these disciplines   given. Do not be in a hurry. So be happy in any case in any moment and enjoy your life.  

I hope you liked this article.  How helpful this article is for you, please tell by comments.  If you have any suggestions or would like to say anything else on this subject, you are welcome.  Please like and share to stay connected.  Thank you.

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