How to make Six pack without gym at home

  How to make Six pack without gym at home if you're looking for the perfect six-pack thenBruce Lee's training schedule is probably the best there is just look athis abs and you'll see what I mean and if you think it takes some hardcoreregiment think again Bruce Lee is just five simple exercises his main secretwas the number of reps he did the count went to hundreds and sometimes eventhousands it takes a lot of stamina and strength not to mention the dedicationhe put into making his body perfect but his choice of exercises wasn't random inthe least Lee did lots of research and after a while he compiled the perfecttraining routine that would give him the most effective muscle shield both tomake him stronger and protect him from blows ripped and visually appealing bodywas just a positive side effect today we're only going to talk about absthough but hey I did tell youit was all nothing special didn't I the way Bruce Lee performed them though wasa little different

How can you whiten your teeth at home?

How can you whiten your teeth at home? We all dream of having the perfect looking teeth you can see on the red carpet and all over magazine covers However, not all of us can afford to go to the dentist to have our teeth professionally whitened And that's okay save your hard-earned cash because we've collected ten effective ways to naturally whiten your teeth without destroying your enamel or your bank account Before we get into the home remedies you should know that all of these methods must not be used at the same time Pick one and stick to it Plus if you have problems with your teeth at home whitening may not be for you You can always check with your dentist before hand to make sure Taking proper care of your teeth every day is crucial for these remedies to work so be sure to check out this video to see What common mistakes you might be making in your daily oral care routine.  It's definitely Eye-opening and useful and now let's dive into these DIY remedies for natura

how to lose weight without exercise and dieting

how to lose weight without exercise and dieting Hello Everybody wants to look slim and trim, everybody   wants to lose weight. And when it comes to losing weight.  first thing what it comes in mind is  fasting and dieting -  Fasting and dieting can affect your body in various ways.   Your nutrients will get disturbed, your internal organs are going to get affected   and you are going to lose your health.  Why do you want to lose weight at the cost of your health?   There is no need of such fasting and dieting to lose weight. Here are few   Managements I’ll give you, if you follow these systematically, you will very effectively   lose weight and that to very healthily.Number one: eat just four times in a day.   Don't open your mouth in between. We are eating food only to satiate our hunger and not to   fill our belly. So each every time only that much which can satiate your hunger.   We usually tend to eat more. Understand that person must have breakfast. The studies show   that tho